Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Food food everywhere...

Hi All,

And I am back! :) Took a little longer than what was comtemplated for, courtesy my proxy server, which simply refused to connect to it.

Well, the latest in my life is FOOD, fodder for the hungry! Cooking was something which I wanted to do since quite sometime..

Chow Chow (Sounds Chinese nai, or is it my mind playing tricks?). I cook, I observe, I ask, and since Malaysians are food freaks, there is food all around me. I have conversations on food with people, carrying their lunch boxes, people eating out on weekends, some new joint which people tried out. And I am a spectator to all this :) Malaysians indeed EAT. For me, being a vegetarian, is a hurdle at times, but at other times, I am perfectly comfortable. You get into this sense of adaptation with people eating meat and fish and sea foods all the time. So dont be surprised if I have a word or two to contribute to such a talk! :) Cooking is something which I wanted to learn for sometime (A girl and doesnt know how to cook! Haw!). Well, making some nice food now-a-days, and managing to carry my lunch box each day too. :)) Was on fruits for some days, and would get back to it when I see a paunch growing, but otherwise I am perfect! :)

Realised that I dont like food as much as others do. People have this tongue which wants to tingle from time to time. They try out new places, new kinds of food, know what are the condiments that are put in it, comment on how is has been made, how delicious the same thing can taste at some other places, etc etc. It is, indeed, delightful to see folks actually having a great discussion on FOOD! :) Something which I dont think I would ever be able to do. For me, realised that food does take a back seat. As long I can make a decent meal, and I get home cooked food, I am a happy person.

But, I would have a hubby whose appetite is voracious (what a HOG! ;)) and whose palate is something I would love to satisfy. And I know I would learn to cook well. Well enough for us both to enjoy together.

And this just adds another items to my TBD (To-Be-Done) List. Eventually hoping that I would be able to complete atleast 10% of them! Have soo many! :) Guess I need to start someday soon.

And I would :)

Thats all for now. Continue catching me here..


Monday, August 02, 2004

Something wonderful that happened today..

Hi All,

Welcome back! :) That was more to me you see :)

My fiance would be coming and seeing me here in KL, right from across the oceans, yonder in the greener pasture$! :) Yeah, from US! Just got some confirmed news and there was no objections from my folks back home. Guess their consent was important for me.


Another feather to the cap was, one of my best friends saying that I meant a lot to her. She was on top of the world and she was way way too glad with all that was happening to her. She got a raise, and the ace was that it was slightly higher than the remaining! Guess that was what took the cake. Nonetheless, the excitement in her mail reflected on my mood too :) Was happy that I meant something to her. Bless her.

Hmm.. and now it is time to go home. One more day gone, and would be closer to my sweetheart! :) Just some more time......

Till the next time.



Hi All,

Just something that I started today. Had wanted to do this for a long time now, but guess I had "too many excuses", and talked myself out of it each time, hoping someday I would get to it. And today it was to be, and so here I am, penning down my first few words.

I wonder why I wanted to write this. Mostly maybe because this is a nice anonymous medium to express myself. Would be a nice collection when you go back and read it. Almost like a personal diary, though a little public :)

Well, to start off with, lately things havent been upto their mark (Transferred Epithet.. that was for moi!). Have been in KL for almost 3 months now, away from home, away from my heart. There is feeling of "uprooting my roots", maybe since this is the very first time I am away from home. Suddenly realise that I have all the freedom, I have all the time, and I have all the resources, and that I am the master of myself.. somethings which I wanted for a long time now. And when I have finally arrived, I have this feeling of loss! As if something very dear to my heart has been taken away. Wonder what. Wonder why...

This is the very first time I have been away from home. Always wanted to see, if I was put out in the world, what was it to be like. I have been way too protected all my life, given my rebelilious nature, I did take liberties but they were always calculated and cautious. So when here I am at the brink of complete freedom, why is there is a tear in my eye?

Realised that all along when I said that emotions didnt matter to me, they infact did! Mattered more than I accounted for. Somewhere deep down, all I need is a home, and my loved ones. Feel like a lost puppy out in the world, looking for a dear one, when there is none. Have realised that you may open your heart to quite a few but it is rare that you get reciprocated with the same. So till the tide ebbs... I would hang on; would find small delights in things.. small wonders like writing here maybe :)

And with this I start off, a small little personal writings of my own. A daily episode as promised, if and when possible.

And with that, Adios.