Friday, September 29, 2006

Viva Las Vegas!

Sin City. The City of Lost Wages. Garden of Neons. Entertainment Capital of the world. Vegas! Thats sums it all up! :)

Name the sin and you have it there! Wine, women and wealth - the three bad vices of men, in abundance and lawful! Weddings and divorces in equal numbers! And guess wot? Vegas is known to have the maximum number of chapels per capita! :D All hotels on the strip were a rip off. All big names right from Caesars and Bellagios, to Venetian and Hilton. Stratosphere, the tallest point on the strip, was on the Northern end and Mandalay Bay on the southern. Each of these hotels were teeming with casinos, with slots at every possible corner in the place! The beautiful thing about this place was its magnificence! Each hotel had a theme, and structures in mammoth proportions! There was New York-New York (Liberty Lady and Empire State Building), to Paris (Eiffel and Arc De Truimphe to half its actual size) to MGM's insignia - the roaring lion, and Luxor's Pyramid with its famed beam of light (according to some, which can be seen from space!).

A drive from one end of the strip to the other, and you realise why its called the 'Sin City'. Vegas, as we learnt is the only city in the world where you are legally allowed to consume alcohol on the streets and roam around topless. The strip is lined on either sides with bright neon casino lights with each Casino having their own LCD hoardings, advertising the shows they offer. The energy in the air there is palpable by just standing at a place on the strip and letting it sink it. Vegas rocks!

Gambling was a lure but we simply couldn't succumb to it! :D I think you can attribute that to good upbringing! :) We walked the place around, seeing all the shows possible. Bellagio's fountains were exquisite, sirens of TI spectacular, Forum shops in Caesars a fine replica of Rome, Royal White Tiger Habitat of Mirage, the Majestic Lions of MGM and the Gondolas of Venetian. We missed Volcano of Mirage, but I guess we covered quite a bit otherwise! :)

Our stay started with touring Bally's, Bellagio's and Caesars', and winning peanuts along the way! :D Our breakfast/brunch at Bally's was simply ....ummm... GRAND. The buffet spread was enormousss! From like a millions desserts to muffins, cakes, pies, fruits, and the remaining egg, pork and beef delights, we were loaded when we stepped out at 12! Shayaan (from LA) met us soon, and we had a merry time catching up and raking up Abhu's past! ;) We toured the Mirage (one of the oldest casinos around) and TI, and then the Venetian. Venetian was almost like a palace in there! :D We ended with a quick dinner buffet at the Harrah's (yummmm seafood I heard from the 2 guys), and rushed off to the catch the show "Fantasy" :D Oh, what a marvellous ending to such a lovely day! ;)

Next day, early and bright, we grabbed a sub, and after playing a little of roulette, we headed to the strip. After walking around a little, we went on to catch a burger at "In-n-Out" burgers! Shayaan was absolutely a fan of the fresh burgers that they dished out, and we relished them equally. Shayaan had to get back to LA, and then there were 2! :) Walking the streets of Vegas, we picked up a frozen Margarita (for those unaware, its a tequila drink, mixed with lime or lemon) :D So much for me being a teetotaler all my life! I guess walking helped and it didnt hit us :) Our last evening in Vegas ended with a fabulous dinner buffet at Bally's and a wonderful show Jubilee's (we rated it better than Moulin Rouge)! The sets and the costumes were top of the rung! Its what we would called "finesse". The magic would forever be with us..

The next day was more of checking out and catching a bite at Tamba's (an indian cuisine buffet) and wrapping up, and heading to the airport. But I guess, the phenomenon called "Las Vegas" would forever be with us!

From all the glitter and glamour of Vegas. Farewell!