Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Grazing in greener pastures..

Dear All,

And finally, moi is married :) Well, not too much to declare since 90% of the world does get married, but for each, it makes a world of difference. I am sure the married folks would agree. :)

To kick it off, 18th was the day, and then we had marraige certificate to run after the very next day, followed by the passport office (they said that there was nothing like "endorsing my name"). 23red Nov was Chennai, a tryst with the US Consulate. There was something to do with stars and planets or was it pure fate, but touch wood, we simply sailed through. The same holds true for rains too, which had swept the town. We were all high and dry! :) We also managed to find the authentic "Sambhar rice", a good hotel, visa papers in hand, and absolute good cheer.

US visas was followed by Paris visas, which was a piece of cake. We walked in and walked out. This was on the 5th of Dec, and the remaining is history. With my IDP in hand, we walked out of India, a beautiful couple.

Paris was AWESOME. It was snowing and pouring, but the 4 days that we had fixed in Paris, they were bright and clear and nary a cloud in the sky. (I am sure it was something to do with our stars ;) ). Well, we had booked Timhotel Montparnasse, and dont know what got into our heads, we assumed it was at Gare Du Nord. So much for our planning :( And we were lugging our luggage all around the city through the Metros. My first brush with cold, and I was sweating it out :D What a destiny!

Paris was indeed romantic and a honeymooners delight! The first few glimpses came as a pleasant surprise to me for I never expected it to this old! One of the most popular cities of the world was an eon older than the rest! :D After having heard and read about the charming french people, for once, I wished I knew French and I would spurt out a little more than "Bon Jour" and "Pardone" and "Merci"! Our accomodation was "bed and breakfast" and did we eat! :D Croissants were the best thing of the whole trip I think ;) There were Danish pastries and flavored yogurts to savor, french breads and cornflakes to raid and juices and jams to relish! :) So much so that my hubby dear, for a veggie like me, looted apple dessert and croissants from the kitchen parlour! Sinful ...albeit blissful for moi :)

From the magnificent Eiffel to the grandeur of Louvre, churches like Notre Dame & Sacre Cour, walking the Seine River and Champs Elysees, travelling in RER and the Metro, picking up soveniers and sketches, this trip would forever be a part of us. Something to muse over for decades to come...

Its fly time to Orlando now to visit Walt Disney there! :D Till then. Adios.