Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tolling Wedding Bells in the distance..

Dear All,

My days are numbered! Just 10 days to my wedding, and my life as a spinster (and also a brat, a bum, etc etc) would be a thing of the past.

Today, I am here looking down at my road to the altar, with the blazing wedding pyre in my eyes, the melodious shehnai echoing in my ears, garlands, torans, bouquets, flowers all over the place. People dressed in shimmering clothes, my loved ones looking all happy and delighted, photographers and torrents of guests coming in. All seem so pleased with everything.

Life is about to change for me. Guess for my loved ones too. Making it from a family of foursome to a threesome. And for a loner bachelor, to a marrying young man to a lovely couple. To a family with a new daughter-in-law, and an additional member to the household. A brand new bahu! :) (almost sounds like a car!)

In all this, just thought would take a step back and see where I am going. These 26 years has made me what I am today. One cannot stop growing. Just the field changes. Today, when I probably mime my mom and other ladies talk about their maid servant, their kids, their school, sabji wali, etc., I wonder, if tomorrow, its my face I would be looking at. Probably it is. So much depends on how much you invest in yourself, doing things that you so much believe in.

Wonder what my script holds. Just time can tell. And it would take its own sweet time for that :)

With that, my last blog from Neha Shah, and hopefully another one sooner as Neha Wagh. Wonder what this chapter unfolds.

A sweet adieu to you all.

With Twinkling eyes for a beautiful tomorrow,
Lovingly Yours,