Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bulls eye...

Hi All,

Mez back! ("with a BANG" had there been a gun around) ;)) But this time, things arent as rosy as the last time..

Had gone shooting arrows this time, but since everyday is not a Sunday (even though today was), this is how is was. Read on..

We started off with the thought that Gugs wanted to ice skate and that I could "teach" him ;) So off we went. Wanted to buy a chinese fan too, some 4 feet long, which could be put up as a wall decoration. And Archery ofcourse, if possible. His spirits about Archery were low since his previous attempt were not so glorious, and I was looking forward to it, already having conquered the former sport.

So off we went!

We took 3 dozen arrows between us for RM 18, and took up the novice alley. There was free coaching, and there were all hand positions and feet positions and grip on the bow and the string. After all that, it made Archery look like a piece of cake! (I love cakes you know ;)).

The initial shots were nowhere close to the board, with one landing on Gugs! :) There was a TV placed close to us, where we could see which circles the arrows actually hit. After a few initial shots, was able to spot a few "on board". But there was just "a few" anyways. So by the time the hands starting aching, and my confidence starts boosting, there was nary an arrow in the quiver. Do I sound like Archer? (pun intended ;)).

Nothing more to pen than this. Was not a very chest-thumping end, but proved that I had to work on my arms. Kneading dough would help right? :)

Ciao for now.

The Shortlived Neha Shah